Different Types of LIC Policies

Comprehensively, extra security can be additionally sorted as an unadulterated hazard inclusion plan – absolutely protection and the other, which is a mix of protection and speculation segment.

In any case, perhaps you don’t know which intend to decide on. Or on the other hand perhaps you have to know the various sorts of disaster protection strategies accessible in the market to settle on an insightful decision!


Various Types of Life Insurance Policies in India

  • Term Plan – unadulterated hazard spread
  • Unit connected protection plan (ULIP) – Insurance + Investment opportunity
  • Blessing Plan – Insurance + Savings
  • Cash Back – Periodic comes back with protection spread
  • Entire Life Insurance – Life inclusion to the existence guaranteed for entire life
  • Kid’s Plan – For satisfying your youngster’s life objectives like training, marriage, and so forth.
  • Retirement Plan - Plan your retirement and resign nimbly

1. Term Life Insurance

Term protection is the least complex type of extra security plan. Straightforward and moderate to purchase.

A term plan gives passing danger spread to a predetermined period. In the event that the existence guaranteed passes away amid the approach time frame, the disaster protection organization pays the demise advantage to the candidate. It is an unadulterated hazard spread arrangement that offers high inclusion at low premiums.


There’s an alternative to add riders to broaden up the inclusion.

The demise advantage is payable as single amount, regularly scheduled payouts, or a blend of both.


There’s no payout if the existence guaranteed outlasts the strategy term. Be that as it may, nowadays there are organizations offering Term Plans with Return of Premiums (TROPS), where insurance agencies restitution all the paid premium sum in the event that the existence guaranteed outlasts the term time frame. Be that as it may, such plans are costlier than the vanilla term protection plan.

Best known for: High aggregate guaranteed (inclusion) at a low premium.

Advantage of Term Plan: if there should arise an occurrence of an inauspicious passing of the provider, family is upheld with a huge measure of cash – total guaranteed, which encourages them to supplant the loss of the pay caused because of the provider’s demise. Also, the cash could be used to satisfy credit, month to month family unit costs, kid’s instruction, kid’s marriage, and so forth.


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2. Unit Linked Plans (ULIPs)

A unit connected arrangement is a complete mix of protection and venture. The premium paid towards ULIP is incompletely utilized as a hazard spread (protection) and mostly is put resources into assets. One can put resources into various assets offered by the insurance agency relying upon his hazard hunger. The insurance agency at that point puts the aggregated sum in the capital market for example in securities, values, obligations, showcase reserves, or a cross breed reserves...


Best known for: Long-term venture alternative with considerably more adaptability to contribute.

Advantage of ULIP: Invest cash according to your hazard craving. You have the alternative to put either in value, obligation or in half and half assets through the extra security organization with complete straightforwardness.


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3. Enrichment Plans

Enrichment plan is another sort of life coverage plan, which is a blend of protection and sparing.


A specific sum is kept forever spread – protection, while the rest is contributed by the life coverage organization. In an enrichment plan, if the existence guaranteed outlasts the approach term, the insurance agency offers him the development advantage. In addition, Endowment Plans may offer rewards occasionally, which are paid either on development or to the chosen one under death guarantee. On death, the passing advantage is payable to the chosen one.

Gift plans are likewise regularly known as conventional disaster protection, in spite of the fact that, there is a speculation part however the hazard is lower than the other venture items as are the profits.


Best known for: Long-term sparing choice for individuals with much lower hazard craving for speculation.

Advantage of Endowment Plan: Long-term money related arranging and a chance to procure returns on development.


4. Cash Back Life Insurance


Cash back arrangement is a special sort of life coverage approach, wherein a level of the entirety guaranteed is paid back to the safeguarded on occasional interims as survival advantage.

Cash back plans are additionally qualified to get the rewards pronounced by the organization now and again. Along these lines, policyholder can meet momentary monetary objectives.


Best known for: Short-term venture item to meet transient monetary objectives.

Advantage of Money Back Plan: Short-term budgetary arranging and a chance to procure returns on development.


5. Entire Life Insurance

An entire disaster protection arrangement covers the existence guaranteed for entire life, or now and again, up to the age of 100 years. Not at all like, term plans, which are for a predetermined term.


The total guaranteed or the inclusion is chosen at the season of strategy buy and is paid to the candidate at the season of death guarantee of the existence guaranteed alongside rewards assuming any.

Nonetheless, if the existence guaranteed outlasts the age of 100 years, the insurance agency pays the developed gift inclusion to the existence safeguarded.


The premiums are higher when contrasted with term plans. Entire life coverage designs likewise offer incomplete withdrawals after finishing of premium installment term.

Best known for: Life inclusion for entire life.

Advantage of Whole Life Plan: Lifelong assurance to the safeguarded and a chance to abandon an inheritance for beneficiaries.


6. Child Plan

Tyke plan assembles corpus for kid’s future development. Kid plans help to construct assets for tyke’s training and marriage. A large portion of the Child Plan gives yearly portions or one time payout after the age of 18 years.


In the event of a deplorable occasion, the guaranteed parent passes away amid the approach term - prompt installment is payable by the insurance agency. Some tyke plans postpone off the future premiums on death of the existence guaranteed and the strategy proceeds till development.


20 years Rs.18 lakh Rs.1 lakh Lump aggregate payouts on ordinary interval Maturity advantage + ensured returns + non-ensured gathered reward (assuming any)


Best known for: Building assets for your youngster’s future.

Advantage of Child Plan: Helps in satisfying your tyke’s fantasy.

7. Retirement Plan

Retirement plan fabricates corpus for your retirement. Helping you to live autonomously monetarily and without stresses. A large portion of the kid plans give yearly portions or one time payout after the age of 60 years.


If there should arise an occurrence of a heartbreaking occasion, life guaranteed passes away amid the approach term - prompt installment is payable to the chosen one by the insurance agency. Passing advantage will be higher of inclusion or store esteem or 105% of premiums paid. Vesting Benefit will be payable if the existence guaranteed endures the development age. In which case, payout will be reserve esteem which must be used for purchasing an annuity.

Best known for: Long-term investment funds and retirement arranging.

Advantage of Retirement Plan: Helps in structure corpus for retirement.

This is only a rearranged manual for various sorts of disaster protection strategies.

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